Huisartsenpraktijk Ben-Tita – Huisartsenpraktijk Ben-Tita – Eindhoven
Aalsterweg 181 (2e etage) 5644 RA Eindhoven Tel:0402112935 TOETS 3 0402110287‬
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Huisartsenpraktijk Ben-Tita

Aalsterweg 181 (2nd Floor)5644 RA Eindhoven

Tel. 040 – 211 29 35


Emergency: dial 1

Refill prescription: dial 2

Assistent: dial 3

Fax: 040 – 211 0287


Changes in personal information

If there are changes in your personal information (eg. Health insurance, address, telephone number) it is very important that you provide this to us quickly. You can make changes by phone, email or through the website.If you change GP, you first have to fill in the unregister form at the practice. Only after signing the unregister form, you authorize us to transfer your medical records to your new doctor.


Free parking. Behind and around the office.